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What is Malachite? Malachite is a green copper carbonate hydroxide mineral with a chemical composition of Cu 2 (CO 3)(OH) 2.It was one of the first ores used to produce copper metal. It is of minor importance today as an ore of copper because it is usually found in small quantities and can be sold for higher prices for other types of use.

What is Astatine

Astatine is a halogen and possibly accumulates in the thyroid like iodine. From a chemical point of view, one can speculate that its toxicity would mimic that of iodine. Environmental effects of astatine. Astatine does not occur to any significant extent in the biosphere and so normally never presents a risk. back to chart periodic elements.

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However, the process for retrieving gold from ocean water costs more than the gold itself. How is gold used today? Gold has been used for thousands of years to make jewelry and coins. Today it is still used for jewelry and for some collector's edition coins. Gold is …


Zinc is the twenty-fourth most abundant element in the Earth's crust, but the fourth most common metal in use. Zinc is processed into hundreds of useful product from protective galvanized coatings, to high tech batteries, to cold remedies, to diaper rash ointment.


Platinum mining in South Africa, or mining for Platinum Group Metals (PGM), is widespread on the African continent. So much so, South Africa holds over 80% of the world's reserves. The supply for Platinum products is tight, due to the metal being extremely rare.

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Five chemically related elements belong in the halogen group. They are astatine, bromine, chlorine, fluorine, and iodine. Minerals that are composed of the halogen elements are known as halides. (Astatine is a synthetic element and there are no minerals that contain it in their structure.) Hardness . The resistance of an object to scrapes and ...

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Francium is the second rarest element in the crust, after astatine. Francium's isotopes, with mass numbers ranging from 200 to 232, most commonly undergo alpha- or beta-decay and the Francium-223 is the element's longest lived isotope.


Mining . Worldwide, acid leaching with sulfuric acid is the most common method of extracting uranium from ores, with alkaline leaching being practiced primarily in the United States. However, based on available ores, alkaline leaching is becoming more common because of its lesser environmental impact.

Astatine (At)

METALLOIDS CONCEPT The term "metalloid" may sound like a reference to a heavy-metal music fan, but in fact it describes a small collection of elements on the right-hand side of the periodic table. Forming a diagonal between boron and astatine, which lies four rows down and four columns to the right of boron, the metalloids are six elements that display qualities of both metals and nonmetals.

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Chlorine is the most abundant member of the halogen family of periodic table elements. Chlorine is an important chemical in our day-to-day life. Chlorine is a clear amber-colored liquid about 1.5 times heavier than water. Gaseous chlorine is greenish-yellow, about 2.5 times as heavier than air, whic...

Antimony Process Mining

antimony mining and processing . antimony mining process in philippines,Mandalay Resources: A Class Act With A Valuation Issue Mar 1, 2016 Mandalay Resources is primarily a gold producer, with 3 mines spread all over the world. antimony mining and processing mayukhportfoliocoin. antimony processing YouTube 22 Jul 2012,Antimony Crusher, Antimony Crushing, Antimony

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[email protected] is a project about e-waste and education projects with schools all over Europe teaching students about E-waste and empowering students to teach their communities and perform waste collections and raise awareness for critical raw materials.

Treating Thyroid Cancer

Jadeite. Known for the bright electric green of imperial jade, jadeite can actually occur in many colors, including lavender, yellow, orange-red, blue, black, and colorless. Highly prized in Chinese, Mayan, and Maori cultures, this stone has an extensive body of folklore.Jadeite value depends on its translucence and texture, with top-quality material appearing to be full of water, or like a ...

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Bauxite Calcination By Rotary Kiln With Fine Grinding. Calcined bauxite is an important raw material for two main markets refractories and e is a naturally occurring heterogeneous material comprised primarily of one or more aluminum hydroxide minerals plus various mixtures of silica sio2 iron oxide fe2o3 titaniai tio2 alumino silicates clay etc and other impurities in trace amounts

Cesium (Cs)

Cesium occurs naturally in the environment mainly from erosion and weathering of rocks and minerals. It is also released into the air, water and soil through mining and milling of ores. Radioactive isotopes of cesium may be released into the air by nuclear power plants and during nuclear accidents and nuclear weapons testing.

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Port Olisar is located in the trade lanes above the planet Crusader and offers a breathtaking view of the planet below. Owned and operated by Crusader Industries, Port Olisar acts as a gateway to the company's vast planetary holdings and orbital shipyards.The station offers accommodations to everyone from visiting executives to pilots traveling through the system.

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Atomic Number of Astatine. Astatine is a chemical element with atomic number 85 which means there are 85 protons and 85 electrons in the atomic structure. The chemical symbol for Astatine is At.. Atomic Mass of Astatine. Atomic mass of Astatine is 210 u. Note that, each element may contain more isotopes, therefore this resulting atomic mass is calculated from naturally-occuring isotopes and ...

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Indium was discovered by the German chemists Ferdinand Reich and Hieronymus Theodor Richter in 1863. Reich and Richter had been looking for traces of the element thallium in samples of zinc ores. A brilliant indigo line in the sample's spectrum revealed the existence of indium.

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Therefore, a cyanide-free leaching process is needed that can compete with the costs and recoveries associated with cyanidation while reducing environmental liabilities. What are halogens and why are they used? The halogen family of elements includes fluorine (F), chlorine (Cl), bromine (Br), iodine (I), and astatine (At) (Figure 1).

Treating Thyroid Cancer

This process is still used to produce certain types of salt. By the ... These samples are analyzed to determine if salt mining ... 8 At this point salt used for most ...

The Rarest Element on Earth

In addition, unlike other short-lived radioisotopes such as bismuth-213, which has a half-life of 45 min, and astatine-211, which has a half-life of 8 h, 225 Ac has a relatively long half-life of 10 days. That gives scientists more time to extract it, process it into a drug, and deliver that drug to a patient.

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Calaverite, a compound of tellurium and gold, was misidentified as a value-less 'fool's gold' for a number of years at the beginning of the rush, leading to its disposal and use in filling potholes.


Calaverite, a compound of tellurium and gold, was misidentified as a value-less 'fool's gold' for a number of years at the beginning of the rush, leading to its disposal and use in filling potholes.

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Radon is a chemical element with the symbol Rn and atomic number 86. It is a radioactive, colorless, odorless, tasteless noble gas.It occurs naturally in minute quantities as an intermediate step in the normal radioactive decay chains through which thorium and uranium slowly decay into lead and various other short-lived radioactive elements; radon itself is the immediate decay product of radium.