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The Sidewinder Model M-2 has been tested and certified by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc for use in a normal, non-hazardous location. Here are some of the solvents for recycling but you may know them under a different name. Please call us and we can help you determine if the Sidewinder is the right distiller reclaimer for your solvents.

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Drum Reclaimer Calculation. Shaft Alignment Procedure Type Shaft Alignment. Shaft alignment is the process of aligning two or more shafts with each other to within a tolerated margin.The goal of the alignment process is to create a straight line through the coupling.The alignment of misaligned shaft are done by using different types of shaft alignment methods which are mention below.


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Reclaimer - Wikipedia. you require a boom-type bucket wheel reclaimer, a combined stacker-reclaimer, a bridge-type bucket wheel reclaimer or a drum reclaimer. Bucket wheel reclaimers are the ideal means of handling and moving large amounts of bulk materials in the shortest possible time.

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The reclaimer bucket is driven via an induction motor through a gearbox as illustrated in Figure 2. Calculate the equivalent inertia of the rotating bucket wheel and gearbox components about the motor input shaft. Calculate the overall efficiency, the subsequent power available about the bucket wheel axis of rotation and the power loss in . Get ...


Standard reclaimer drum with 16" depth of cut for reclaiming or stabilizing various soil and asphalt materials. This site uses cookies to create a better experience for you. ... Payment Calculator. Interested in your monthly payment? Our payment calculator can help you determine your monthly payments for various terms that best fits your budget.

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Roadtec is the only manufacturer to offer a 4-speed cutter transmission to achieve the highest levels of production at each drum rpm. Rather than simply altering the engine rpm to modify drum speed, the transmission allows the machine to operate at peak power output at four different selectable drum …


constant pressure (Cp) may be used to calculate the "n" value. The formula is: n = MW (Cp) MW (Cp) - 1.99 Critical Pressure (Pc) and Critical Temperature (Tc) - These two values are used to calculate a value called compressibility (Z). Both Pc and Tc are published for most gasses. Charts or a computer program are used to calculate the Z value ...

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Cutting drums generally operate in an "up-cut" direction, i.e., the rotation of the cutting drum is opposite to the direction of the cold planer. Most cold planers have a variable sized shoe which exerts down pressure on the pavement in front of the milling drum.

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- Selection Calculation of APFC Panel for Power Factor Improvement - Selection of Trailing cable, Cable Reeling Drum, for mobile machines like Stacker cum Reclaimer, Crane etc. - Selection of Sensors like Limit Switch, Proximity Switch, Belt sway switch, Pull Chord Switch, Zero …

Drum Reclaimer Calculation

Teg Dehydration Reboiler Duty Calculation - posted in Industrial Professionals: We have been designing a glycol reboiler for a 20 MMSCFD dehydration plant. 1. According to different vendor table like Sivalls the reboiler duty is much higher then what we calculate from different literature.(see bellow) 2. We used heat flux of 6000 Btu/ft sq to find the area of fire tube.


Stacker Reclaimer – Free Download (pdf,doc,xls,rtf,ppt,pps … Found 97 files for stacker reclaimer .Review these results or try to change your search query. … Our crusher MINING AND … ext: .pdf size: … » 4g technology ppt


May 12, 2017· Thirteen drums of solvent were sent to the reclaimer during the past year. A known volume of a representative sample taken from the drums is weighed, allowed to evaporate, and reweighed. From this, it is determined that the density of the sludge is 1.03 kg/L and that the trichloroethylene concentration in the sludge shipped to the reclaimer is 30%.


May 02, 2019· The calculation of this is also not so difficult, but deciding the slewing speed, travel speed, operational mode etc. demands specific knowledge about the machine. If you happen to be the buyer of such machine, machine supplier routinely give the calculation of …

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Bridge Type Drum Reclaimers. Bridge type drum reclaimers are high capacity reclaimers for blending materials such as coal, limestone, ore, etc. Working in one or two reclaim directions, these reclaimers span stockpiles up to 140 feet wide and feature capacities of 5000 stph in coal.

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Drum reclaimer 4,500 0.95 20‐50 At the face ... Calculate the total investment cost per archetype. • Calculate the stockyard machine's weight (w) based on the determined stacking and reclaiming capacities • Investment cost of the stockyard machine(s):

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Design and construction / Examples of calculation Version 2010. Tel: +49 89 Fax: +49 89 [email protected] 2 Joh. Winklhofer Beteiligungs & Co. KG Company Headquarters, Parent of the independent subsidiary companies,

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Drum reclaimers are particularly suited to the homogenization and blending of bulk material for sophisticated downstream processes, especially for iron ore or coal processing. Our machines are all specifically designed to our client's requirements and incorporate various solutions according to their specific application - our machines can be ...

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21.7 Suitability of reclaimer waste for firing in natural gas combined cycle HRSG. The heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) in a natural gas combined cycle (NGCC) plant may provide a viable disposition route for the reclaimer waste. For example, in the United States, a gas turbine-powered petrochemical plant has used a supplementary firing in ...

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Aug 24, 2017· The SX-8e/ex is the largest in the Roadtec line of soil stabillizer-reclaimer machines. With an operating weight of 82,000 pounds (37,195 kg), the SX-8 is capable of cutting up to 20 inches (508mm) deep and 100 inches (2,540mm) wide and is designed for road rehabilitation, cold recycling, or …

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References 1) Hartler, N., Some Studies on the Quality of Chips for Pulp Production, Svensk Papperstidning, 66(18) (1963). 2) Hatton, J.V., Chip Quality Parameters and Their Effects in Pulping.

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02 Tech Spec Vol 2B 1SR - Engineering Projects. Enquiry Specification for Twin boom Stacker & Bucket wheel Reclaimer EPI – New Delhi Volume-2B, Rev.0 Page 6 of 99 enclosed type having shatter proof glasses with electrically driven wind shield wipers.

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Barrel Type Blender Reclaimer for handling coal, iron ore, lime stone base mixed in steel plants,This equipment is essential for homogenius blending of verious type or size of materials accross the cross section of the stock pile . Till date ELECON have supplied more then 15 barrel type blender reclaimer to various customers with rail centres ...

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Drum. This drum (which operating pressure is between 7 and 15 b.a) allows to remove a portion of acid gas which evolves from the solution by the pressure let-down effect. The acid gas stream from the Amine Flash Drum is routed either to the fuel gas pool of the facilities or to the acid gas disposal system. Amine Flash Drum Objective