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  Welcome to Mennonite Europe
Welcome to Mennonite Europe 

In the summer of 2014 twenty Dutch Mennonites, split into four teams, were in search of the history of mennonite migration. Because they were inspired by the specific areas each team traveled

through, the experiences, and the questions that arose in the various team are diverse and colourful.

In Zürich, participants of the first team came across Markus Rediger, who is actively

involved with the international mennonite community. Markus invited the four teams to write a short summary of their experiences, questions and observations. Due to this, the migration tour could be an

important tool to outline the future of the mennonites in Europe. This invitation was gladly appreciated, and now we offer you this brief report of our feelings and ideas.

Each report is written in cooperation with the teams. It’s not meant, though, as a to-do list, although the tour inspired many of us to come into action. We hope this report inspires you as well.

Part one from Zürich in Switzerland to Leeuwarden in The Netherlands (June 26-July 14)

Travelers: Antoinette Hazevoet, Henk Freie, Jan Blanksma and Pieter Post (author).

Pages 4-9

Part two from Leeuwarden in The Netherlands to Warsaw in Poland (July 14-August 2)

Travelers: Sonja van Berkum, Aart Hoogcarspel, Henk Freie, Karin Janze, Marijke Koeman (author), Janneke Leerink, Jasper Pondman en Helmich de Vries.

Pages 10-15

Part three from Warsaw in Poland to Vienna in Austria (August 2-August 21)

Travelers: Hylke Bergsma, Sjoukje Halbertsma, Marijke Koeman (author), Mieke Krebber, Puck Yntema, Elma Laan.

Pages 16-27

Addendum in South-East Ukraine (April 11-April 18, 2012)

Travellers: Antoinette Hazevoet (author) en Kees Knijnenberg

Pages 23-27

Part four from Vienna in Austria to Detmold in Germany (August 21-August 30)

Travellers: Henk Freie, Anne de Jong (author), Jan Maarten Koeman, Vicky van der Linden.

Pages 28-34

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