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  Passing on the Comfort
Passing on the Comfort 
ISBN: 1-56148-482-2
including DVD with interviews

An Keuning and Lynn Kaplanian-Buller:
Passing on the Comfort

The war, the quilts, and the women who made the difference

Two women find each other in Holland, brought together improbably by a set of worn quilts, made by groups of women half-a-world-away who simply used what they had.
First there is An in wartime Holland, risking her life to help others - hiding Jewish baby in her hand luggage while on a ferry that draws gunfire, and more such adventures.
The there is Lynn, 20-some years later, discovering the quilts and searching for their owner and their stories.
This book is a patchwork of stories of women helping others, passing on the comfort.

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